Career Sit-Downs

Mark Braby

Sit down with Mark Braby, head of eMobility (electric vehicles) at Itron and interviewer, high school student, Simon to learn about Mark’s specialty in electric vehicles. Learn how excited he is every morning for his role and the impact his role is making on taking emissions out of the air each day. Additionally, Mark shows Simon how the US is beginning the modernization of electric grid across the country is beginning to allow us to continue down a path of integrating electric vehicles into our everyday.


Marina Donovan

Meet Marina Donovan, Itron’s VP of Global Marketing and Public Affairs who oversees the digital marketing and communications teams. Get a behind-the-scenes look as Marina lends insight to Marissa, a high school senior about the second M of STEM—Marketing. Through her important role, Marina touches how Itron safely uses data to help mitigate and problem solve around the issues of today, such as water conservation.